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Postby DoodleWoods » Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:23 pm

Hello everyone,,
I have just created a track I'm fairly pleased with and want to master it to the best it can be. I have made it on Logic Pro X100001.onl/ 1921681254.mx/ acc.onl/hotmail.It is a Techno track, 130bpm with a rolling bass. Open to all suggestions and advice, thanks.
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Postby jimmyjames75 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 1:05 am

Welcome to the forum and to T-racks. I think the reason you haven't had any response, is that you didn't really ask a question. The question you did ask, is very broad.

I don't know much about the style of music you are doing. But I can tell you this. I never use anything on my master buss when mixing. I am old school a d was taught by old school guys. They taught me that the master buss is for mastering only. If you need to apply something to the master buss, then something in the mix needs worked on.

So once you have your mix rendered. I would experiment with the gain stagings. Render a song out at -18rms, another at -6db peak, another at -10db and try one at -23lufs.

I would pick a basic preset in T-racks that uses just the One module. I would play all your renderes through it and see which gain stage sounds best for your song. Once you know that, you have your best gain stage for your music.

Then start running diff we different presets to get a idea of what sounds good on your music. In the stand alone you can click the heart icon to mark that preset as a favorite. Go through them all and mark all your favorites.

Then compare all the favorites you have marked. In the upper right of the stand alone, there is a button you can click that will balance the volume of all the presets.

Once you have decided on a preset, open the manual and read up on the modules being used. Turn them all off but the first. Use the manual and your ears to dial it in. Then move on to the next module, and so on.

If you have Master Match, you can load in songs in the style of your music and it will match the sound and level to the reference song you put in.

Good luck, I hoped this helped
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