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Desktop Treatment | iLoud MTM

Postby BlackestForest » Fri Mar 31, 2023 8:24 am

Hi all,

just got a set of MTMs and have a question on how you guys deal with first reflections.

I am planning to put them on my desk, using the stands and tilt them slightly upwards. Based on the Graphics IK provides, this should prevent from first reflections hitting my Desk (80 x 150 Glass Top Desk). I´ve seen YouTube Videos where people were putting small absorbers in front of their Speakers flat on the Desk...not the prettiest Solution tbh...I´d be okay putting a big, thick felt Desktop Mat underneath - anyone got good experience with these?

Secondly, my Room is (as with many homeproducers) not ideal in terms of treatment (hence I went for the MTMs with their built in room correction - i know this can only do a certain amount of correction). I have 4 big GIK Acoustic Absorbers up on the walls. Still, at least one of the speakers will be hitting a cupboard which is behind my desk. I could (when in a mixing situation) put up a mobile foldable absorber wall which I am using for tracking vocals. I guess that would make sense to cover up the surface of the cupboard?

Any hint/experience is much appreaciated.
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Re: Desktop Treatment | iLoud MTM

Postby BrimadrJ12 » Tue Apr 04, 2023 8:47 am

First reflections can be a common problem in home studio setups. Tilting the speakers upwards is a good idea to prevent the sound from reflecting off the desk, and a thick felt desktop mat can also help to absorb any unwanted reflections. As for the cupboard behind your desk, using a mobile foldable absorber wall when in a mixing situation is a great idea to cover up the surface of the cupboard and prevent any further reflections. In addition to these solutions, you could also consider adding bass traps in the corners of your room to help further control any unwanted reflections. Experimenting with different placements and solutions can also help you find the best setup for your specific room and speakers.
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