NEWB Needs help: IRig Krys and iPad

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NEWB Needs help: IRig Krys and iPad

Postby » Sat Jul 25, 2020 7:25 pm

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So frustrated. I got all setup thinking I can create a setup to begin to learn and this has been a nightmare trying to get started. Not enough info comes with [Mod Edit: redacted]]

I have a iRig 46 keys -

What I need help with is the basics, Id like to connect to my ipad (3rd gen) I have downloaded several software that should interface with it. I also have a 40watt practice amp id like to use. Would there be videos out there I can not seem to find any that goes over the initial connectivity of the hardware and software.

Secondary question if someone is learning to play.... where would you direct someone. Thank you for reading and helping...
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