Copy/paste quirck for UNO Drum

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Copy/paste quirck for UNO Drum

Postby albertpauw » Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:15 am

When trying to copy and paste I noticed a quirck, which with hindsight is visible in the instructional video of IK Multimedia as well.

When you try to copy and paste multiple times (so, not one copy multiple paste, but multiple copy/paste actions) you HAVE to clear the copy button in order for it to accept a new copy to the copy buffer.

It was something I got to figure out after trying again and again.

So as long as the copy button is flashing, something is in the copy buffer and can only be pasted. To copy and paste something else, first clear the copy button.

To some it may same obvious, to me it didn't, and it was not completely clear in the manual. Maybe a tip to enhance the manual on this.

But hey, once you know it, it's fine.

Maybe Peter or Ryan can confirm that his indeed the way of working?
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