Stereo in with Amplitube

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Stereo in with Amplitube

Postby trevoraron13 » Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:54 am

I'm using a virtual B3 and want to run it through a Leslie rotary in Amplitube 4. I tried running the instrument through Amplitube with cabinet bypass on, and the amp turned off, and I noticed that it seemed thinner than normal. I realized that Amplitube is running in mono input mode, so I tried moving that to stereo with configurations 2 and 6. However, 2 and 6, with running everything off, still seemed like it effected the sound a bit --- in once case it was slightly louded.

How do people use Amplitube as an effect pedal? What is the best way for it to receive stereo input?
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Re: Stereo in with Amplitube

Postby garfy » Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:32 pm

Hi trevoraron13

You don't say what B3 or DAW you're using, but probably the best idea (if possible) would be to run the output of the B3 as mono, into a mono to stereo AmpliTube with a single cab. After all, the only part of a real Hammond/Leslie that is stereo is the 2 mics on the rotating horn and drum.

For example, in Logic Pro X you can open the B3 as a mono instrument, switch its internal cabinet model off and then insert AT4 as a mono to stereo effect. By using config 1, the organ sound stays mono until you get to Cab A where the microphones and rotating speakers give you the stereo effect.

Even if you can't make the B3 mono, config 1 folds down the L+R input to mono so it should sound the same.

Hope that makes sense.
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