AmpliTube max not saving presets that i edit

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AmpliTube max not saving presets that i edit

Postby Danielwhite1s » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:53 pm

i am brand new to this software and am currently using it as a stand alone software and i dont have it hooked up to a daw yet. I found a preset i like and started putting pedals and making modifications to get the sound I want , then I hit Save as to the right of the preset column and I tell it which folder to go to and after I click ok, the newly named preset i named is nowhere to be seen in the folder i told it to go to??

also on a seprate note, when i hit "preset Brower" , the whole box is blnak and none of the drop downs show any offerings at all?

Help please. Thanks10.
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Re: AmpliTube max not saving presets that i edit

Postby Ryan_IK » Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:27 pm

I would suggest reaching out to support. Please use the link below to reach out and send me a PM with your ticket number once done.

If you use One Drive on Windows 10, these steps below should help in the meantime.

-Turn off the One Drive and un-sync and IK Multimedia related files
-Go to your Documents > IK Multimedia > AmpliTube 4 folder
-Copy any custom presets you have made to another location to back them up
-Delete the AmpliTube 4 folder from the Documents > AmpliTube 4 folder
-Download the 4.9.0 update from your the User Area -> My Products section ( of your IK Multimedia account
-Uninstall, then reinstall AmpliTube to let it recreate your AmpliTube 4 folders
-Now retry your presets and let us know your results
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