Irig HD interface and recording guitar with fl studio 20

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Irig HD interface and recording guitar with fl studio 20

Postby jesheesh » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:31 am

So the other day, a friend of mine decided to give me his old Irig hd guitar interface . I don’t have a Mac nor do I want to record with my iPhone. So I just recently got FL studio 20 for my Windows PC and the ASIO4ALL program to try and start recording some guitar tracks for the first time ever . I’m brand new to recording and the software and everything that comes with it. You could say I’m something of a new born infant in the music production world.

With that being said I was able to teach myself enough with the internet to get everything working properly , except one thing that is just beyond me. That being the latency of my guitar when it comes out of the speakers while I’m playing . I can’t not seem to find the right settings or help guide to point me in a direction of finding my exact problem. As well as why I can’t get it as close to perfect as possible. As if I’m playing through my amp normally .

Can anyone offer some insight or give a few tips or leave a link to get me some help with this .... well... lag.
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