iRig Stomp I/O vs Axe I/O

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iRig Stomp I/O vs Axe I/O

Postby meditative » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:11 am

Hi guys, my first post!

I'm thinking of getting either the iRig Stomp I/O or the Axe I/O as my first audio interface for my pc to record guitar stuff, and possibly for gig hardware. I see they are available still today and tomorrow as bundle with the Amplitube MAX software.

So I've always just played via amps not via pc and simulated amps. I've read there is so little lag it's unnoticeable, is this true? So I can play simulated amps with headphones or through active monitor speakers just as normal ones, without noticeable latency?

And which of the two interfaces would you recommend as my first interface to start building budget home recording studio/gig hardware upon? The Axe I/O at has some extra Z-tone control upfront apparently, and two inputs for instruments, and reamping possibility (which I think I will not need). The iRig got switch pedals and wah pedal and is cheaper. Apparently as audio interface they are similar, except the few details mentioned here? Do you think the lag is similar on both? I will be driving the stomp/axe on my pc, not any Apple device. I got a passive-mic guitar.

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Re: iRig Stomp I/O vs Axe I/O

Postby dlgebert » Fri Nov 29, 2019 6:17 pm

meditative wrote:And which of the two interfaces would you recommend as my first interface to start building budget home recording studio

I can only share my experiences I've had with my AXE I/O. Instead of re-hashing comments I've posted in the past, I thought I would collect them and re-post them here. I have Amplitube 4, though I had it maxed out before there was an Amplitube 4 Max... :shock:

dlgebert wrote:
tik1211 wrote:Anyone experienced AXE I/O with pops and clicks (interrupted) sound?

I have an iMac running MacOS Catalina (know your risks before installing) and I was recording this weekend in Studio One 4.5 using both Amplitube 4 and T-Racks 5 at the lowest latency I can get, which is around 6ms round trip. That's round trip, my input latency is around 3ms. No clicks, snaps, pops, etc. Never an interruption.

I started digitally recording around 1995 and my current setup is the first time I am able to record and forget that I'm not recording on analog equipment, which I started doing around 1983.


dlgebert wrote:I mic'd my Orange Crush 35RT using my Shure SM57 and used the TR5 British Channel console and was able to get a strong, clean signal with plenty of headroom and very low noise from the AXE I/O mic preamp. In fact, the only noise was from my amp and the built in noise gate on the TR5 British Channel console took care of that nicely. The response was very organic and I didn't notice any latency.

I'm amazed at how great the mic preamp is on the AXE I/O. Try it if you haven't yet if you have mic'ing needs.


dlgebert wrote:I configured Studio One 4 on my iMac and was able to get my input (3.67ms), output (2.43ms) and round trip (6.46ms) latency down to the numbers in parentheses with my AXE I/O and I'm able to use T-RackS 5 and Amplitube without noticing the latency. It feels totally organic like the hardware and software are one unit. Absolutely no crackling, popping, snapping, stuttering, etc.

So far I've been using the TR5 British Channel console for my mic'ing needs and I created a couple of amazing vocal patches using the TR5 British Channel console and the TR5 CSR Hall Reverb inside of the TR5 Suite module as one unit. Using TR5 Suite is great because you don't have to save separate patches for all of the units in the one suite. Then you save the suite as a "Global".

Again, great job on the last few years of products (Syntronik, MODO Drum, SampleTank 4, AXE I/O)...

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