iRig 2 & iPhone X/ios 13.1.3 issue?

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iRig 2 & iPhone X/ios 13.1.3 issue?

Postby CHS1978 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:07 pm


Looking for some help and advice. A week ago I purchased an iRig2. I have never used used one of these before so wasn’t really sure what to expect but had purchased it after it being recommended to me by my guitar tutor.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it working in conjunction with my iPhoneX. I spent many hours trying to work out what could be causing the issue I was experiencing. It seemed that when plugged into my phone, headphones and guitar, it was only picking up background sound via the mic on my phone. Nothing was coming from the guitar on either “FX” or “Thru”. If I tried using the amp instead of headphones then it would work fine on the dry Chanel. Equally I am able to hear the demos through my headphones. I tried a number of different cables and the result was the same.

I then took it to my tutor during my weekly lesson with the hope he may be able to help me solve this issue, but after well over an hour we were unable to progress any further! Again we used a number of cable combinations to no further avail. He even tried using his phone which is an older one than mine with the standard headphone socket. The one thing he noticed was that at no tone was there ever a prompt to use the headphones or speaker, on initially connecting the irig to the phone.

We came to the conclusion that the item may actually be faulty, so I arranged a replacement. Unfortunately on receipt of the replacement product, it would appear that the exact same issue is occurring! Only background noise on my phone’s microphone, or nothing.

It’s been a week now and I am finding this most frustrating. No amount of google searching has resolved and possibility over what it is that is preventing me from being able to use this successfully. I have contacted IK Media by email and received a response, but it’s not been much use.

In a last ditch attempt before giving up and purchasing something more reputable and easy to use, I wondered if there’s a chance that anyone else had possibly had the same problem, or may know what it is that is going wrong?

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Re: iRig 2 & iPhone X/ios 13.1.3 issue?

Postby Ryan_IK » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:32 pm

Hello CHS1978,

Sorry to hear of your troubles with the iRig 2.

I have checked into your support ticket and it looks like the team asked for some information which could help them figure out what is going on. Please get back to the when you can. In the meantime, I've listed some helpful information below.

For use with the iPhone X, the Apple 3.5mm Headphone -> Lightning adapter is suggested. We have seen mixed results with third party adapters. Also if you are using a headset, please make sure to connect this prior to connecting your iRig to iOS. Connecting a headset (A microphone built into a pair of headphones) after connecting your iRig to iOS will cause the headset to be used for input and output, instead of your iRig. We normally suggest headphones and not headsets for use with iRig devices to avoid issues.

Use the Menu -> Settings to select NO FEEDBACK On/Off. When set to On, your signal will be optimized for eliminated feedback when using headphones. When set to Off, your signal will not be affected by the NO FEEDBACK feature.

The below steps would help you figure out if your iRig 2 is being detected by iOS properly. If your iRig is not detected properly, clean out the port where your iRig connects and remove any protective casing.

1. Download/Open AmpliTube CS (Free) from the Apple App Store
2. Go to the Menu (Upper right hand corner) in AmpliTube and enter the Settings window
3. Once here disconnect and reconnect your iRig looking at the top of your screen
4. Check to see if your input changes from "Input: Built-in Mic" this should change automatically. If this does not change your iRig is not being "seen" by iOS

Check out the iRig HD 2 for an iRig which connects to your iOS device without any adapters. This offers a direct Lightning connection.
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