Sampletank - Improvements

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Sampletank - Improvements

Postby DembeRed » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:32 pm

Hello everyone,,
Been using Sampletank (+ Camera Connection Kit) + Alesis V61 as my main setup for 5 months now. Since we often fly to our gigs, and bring our own instruments, this setup saves us a lot of weight. Also the possibility to work on sounds and presets with only the iPad makes this setup a killer!

Though, there are some issues that I've encountered, and would love to see a fix for that.reverse image search email checker port checker

1. Sounds get "stuck" while changing preset
Quite often when you play a sound like strings or pads, and hold the chord while changing preset, some notes stuck and keeps playing. This especially happens when you play a chord, hold the expression pedal, and change preset. Why?

2. Split point
Why is there no split point option?

3. Sharing/Backup Presets
Naturally this should be a part of any app/interapp! It goes without saying that everyone wants to backup their work, and be able to send presets to other devices.
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Re: Sampletank - Improvements

Postby Peter_IK » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:20 pm

Hi, I'd recommend adding the two feature requests above to the official wishlist thread in this subforum (should be a sticky) and reporting #1 to IK Support as that does not seem like the typical behavior. They can be reached at

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