How to identify "Linked" product registrations?

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How to identify "Linked" product registrations?

Postby ceejatec » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:02 am

Is there any way I can tell in my Product Area which of the products are dependent on other products to remain registered?

For instance, in the recent Group Buy, I bought Tape Echo, and got a number of freebies based on that purchase. I know in this Group Buy, if I later transfer Tape Echo to a new user, I'll lose all those freebies (and the new user won't get them either), but I can't see any way to remember what those freebie products are, nor which non-freebie product they're "tied" to.

Likewise, I've participated in a number of "buy X, get Y free" promotions with IK in the past. I don't know if the rules for them were the same or not, but I can't see any way to remember which of the registered products were free, or (more relevantly) which ones I might accidentally lose if I transferred some other product.

Is there any way to discover that information?
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Re: How to identify "Linked" product registrations?

Postby DarkStar » Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:57 am

Please contact Sales Support
who can look at your Account and see what's going on. They should, I hope, be able to let you know the dependencies. Administrators and Moderators here cannot access your Account.
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