iRig- Light blue light only- Wont Work on Mac

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iRig- Light blue light only- Wont Work on Mac

Postby JustinDbro » Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:45 pm

My iRig was working perfectly fine on my mac in GarageBand, I unplugged it to record a different instrument. On record settings I selected System Settings for the new instrument, and after recording that instrument plugged my iRig back in and now I only see a light blue light on the bottom section of the iRig and I am unable to select it from the Record Setting drop down menu. The iRig still works on my iPhone.

I feel like I've looked everywhere and tried everything but cant seem to find an answer. I'm hoping it's something easy that someone has dealt with before. I have already opened a ticket with support but still have heard nothing.
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