Which IRig for MacBook Pro/Thunderbolt?

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Which IRig for MacBook Pro/Thunderbolt?

Postby caineiscarter » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:04 pm

My Mac has Thunderbolt inputs only - which IRig do I need in order to connect it properly?
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Re: Which IRig for MacBook Pro/Thunderbolt?

Postby DarkStar » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:57 pm

Which iRig product range? Mic? MIDI keyboard? Pedalboard?

I'll guess that some sort of adaptor will be needed.

As this is primarily a user to user forum, someone-else may chime in. Meanwhile, the best thing to do, for a definitive reply, is raise a Support Ticket, here:
for some one to one help (US (East Coast) Business hours, generally).
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