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Starter guitarist advices

Postby DavidJones90 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:47 am

Hi everyone!

I've started playing guitar (bought my electric a month ago) for 5 months now, and I'm in a point where I don't know how to "go forward".

I've learned the basic chords and power chords and in the last period I've been sticking with Barre Chords and Pentatonic Scales, but... what to do next? I'd like to play a little bit of everything reguarding 70's rock music and some grunge too, but I think might be important for me to have the basic knowledge of every "main technique" as well.

Have you got any advice on what to focus next? I'd like to have kind of a "list" of all the basic stuff that I should check for having a decent knwoledge... could you help me?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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