Help with Amplitube 4 and pitch shifting

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Help with Amplitube 4 and pitch shifting

Postby JainJude » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:32 am

I am not good with Amplitube, so I may ask for clarification in responses.

Second, I've tried searching around for an answer to this through various other means but cannot get what I'm looking for. Perhaps it is due to my poor understanding (See point one)

I have Amplitube 4 on my tablet/computer and use it with an iRig. Bottom line what I am looking for is a feature/pedal to adjust the tuning of my guitar, the way a digitech drop/whammy would. I am trying the "Wharmonator" and have no clue how to use it, it isn't doing quite what I'm looking for.

My guitar is set up in E flat (floyd rose bridge, hence why I want an easy way to adjust the tuning in the program) and all I'm looking for is something to drop or raise the tuning 1/2 step at a time, I don't want all the harmonies or things like that. Can someone familiar with the software please give me some guidance?
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