Help me dial in my rig

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Help me dial in my rig

Postby Frankhenrylee » Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:04 pm


I recently got Amp4 Max and am new to any sort of amp modeling. My current setup consist of Amplitube 4 on an i7 equipped HP Spectre, a Scarlett Solo USB interface, and Audio Technica ATHM50X Headphones. I have it set to use ASIO.

I'm having a few issues dialing it in.

Problem 1 is too much low end. I can adjust it in several different places to get it right but I have to adjust it every time I change to a new amp. Where is the best place to set EQ globally?

Problem 2 is I sometimes get a crackle or popping sound like I'm listening to an old record on an old record player. I don't know what this is or where to start looking to solve it.

Problem 3 is there seems to be a little more lag than what I would like. I know this has something to do with Sample Rate and Buffer size, but I'm unsure where a good starting point is and the Pro's and Cons of trying to reduce it as much as possible. I've adjusted them, but I honestly can't tell much difference.

Problem 4 is Input and Output gain. It seems this needs to be adjusted for each amp. Is there not a way to adjust this so that it's right across the board. I don't understand why an amp change would affect either of these settings, but my understanding of how they work with the other components must be wrong. I'd expect to just set this once globally and be done with it.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!!
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Re: Help me dial in my rig

Postby byron_dickens » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:51 pm

1) What cabinet, speakers are you using? What mikes are you using and where are they placed? All those variables make a DRAMATIC difference in your sound.

If you have been used to an open back 1× 8" or 1x10" combo, then a 4x12" closed back cab is gonna put out way more low end than you're used to.

Also, you have to understand that the sound you hear on records is NOT the sound that was in the room.
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