My AmpliTube4 installation story

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My AmpliTube4 installation story

Postby wolfgang.hefele » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:19 pm

I purchased iRig HD2 today, which includes AmpliTube4 as a download.

I downloaded AmpliTube4 on my Macbook Pro (macOS 10.14.5 Mojave)

1. Message after launch: "This copy of AmpliTube is not authorized. You have to be authorized. Click OK to start the ... Authorization Manager ..."
2. Message: "Welcome ... register and authorize ..."
3. Message: "Your version of the Authorization Manager is outdated."
4. Message: "Please click on the UPDATE button to download the latest version."
5. Message: "Page not found - We're sorry! This page is not available. ... Please visit the IK Multimedia Homepage "

So I visit this HP. There's also an Authorization Manager that you can download and install - I do!

"Welcome to the Authorization Manager ..."
After entering NEXT (after all, I already own quite a few products of this company) it says: "The Login details inserted are not correct (201)". So I try „NEW USER“. Copy & Paste does not work in the password field, so I'm tedious to type it, which is difficult because you only see asterisks instead of letters. Then I end up in the user area and click on "My Products". Here again I see my iRig HD2 and again an AmpliTube4 download, presumable the same version v.4.8.2.

So I download again and install.

Now the whole thing starts from the beginning!!! "This copy of AmpliTube is not authorized. You have 9 days left until AmpliTube must be authorized. Click OK to start the ... Authorization Manager ..."

And I only have 9 days left ...! Geht’s noch?
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Re: My AmpliTube4 installation story

Postby Peter_IK » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:36 pm

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the installation of AmpliTube. If you've followed the steps in the Installation & Authorization Manual that is included with the download, I would recommend reaching out to IK Support who can give you specific technical assistance to help figure out what is happening to cause the issues you are experiencing so you can have a more typical and problem-free installation experience. They can be reached at
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