ARC 2.5 monitor control in T-RackS standalone

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ARC 2.5 monitor control in T-RackS standalone

Postby pencheff » Wed May 08, 2019 10:51 pm

I have T-RackS 5 MAX and ARC 2.5. I use the ARC plugin in my mix bus in Reaper and have no problem controlling the monitor volume, dim volume, trim volume with a mouse. All the controls react to the mouse exactly as expected.

But when I attempt to adjust those same controls from within T-RackS standalone they don't respond correctly at all. The monitor volume defaults to odd values like 12.4 or 11.9 db. The trim defaults to -6. The DIM level inexplicably displays really odd numbers in the HUNDREDS even though the knob displays full counterclockwise.

When I try to adjust the volume the control doesn't respond to mouse movement in any predictable way. The knob jumps all around as do the numbers above the knob.. but not in sync with the knob. I can eventually adjust the monitor volume to about 0.0 db but it takes a lot of attempts, I can never hit 0.0 precisely. Same thing for the trim control. I can eventually adjust it but it doesn't act normal. And I can't adjust the dim control to any kind of useful value at all.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have a solution before I open a ticket with support?
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Re: ARC 2.5 monitor control in T-RackS standalone

Postby Ryan_IK » Thu May 09, 2019 4:26 pm

Hey pencheff,

That does sound like very odd behavior from Arc 2.5 inside of T-RackS 5 stand alone. :shock:

I would make sure to uninstall and reinstall using the latest version from My Products. The latest version is 5.1.1. This update has some optimizations included and reinstalling your software will help correct any weird behavior.

If a reinstall doesn't seem to help, reach out to support using the link below. Send them screen shots of your errors and make sure to let them know about your forum post.

Contact IK Multimedia Technical Support here

Once opened, feel free to PM me your ticket number. I can track your progress throughout the process and make sure you're back to making music as soon as possible. :D
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