iRig Stomp i/o SET UP ISSUES!!

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iRig Stomp i/o SET UP ISSUES!!

Postby AZULJAY » Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:25 pm

I recently purchased a new ipad along with the iRig Stomp i/o interface so that I could control the pedal boards with Tonebridge when using my ultimate-guitar tabs lessons and jam alongs.
Amplitube was an after thought however I did download both applications onto my mac as well as my new ipad, along with tunebridge. I also downloaded the custom shop and acoustic app as well.
I went to IK and signed up with an account and registered the hardware. I tried to register the application and while in the ipad, docked to the iRig interface under the (accounts) log in is where I see my first issue. also while the guitar is plugged into the interface, all power is on, the usb plugged into my mac, I do not see it registering any sound, I tried the tuner setting and nothing shows it's getting a signal. I am waiting on a 1/4" headphone jack as I was ill prepared on that front and have not gone 1/4" out to any amp or monitor but even without a headphone device, the graph should show its getting a signal?

So I am looking for some advice from unboxing to full set up mode, I know there are youtube videos but most are promotional videos and not unboxing and full set ups..

So in closing here are my issues so far
1. no signal from the guitar to the interface, tuner does not recognize guitar but seems to recognize my organic/acoustic vocals ?
2. I cant log in or register when docked with the ipad in amplitube under settings/account/sign in-register it says to check my username and passcode or get emailed a new one? ( I am fully registered on the IK site ) but under my profile only the hardware and a few of the free apps for the mac are registered, nothing for the ipad apps? and I cant register them.. or having issue doing that.
3. when trying to update the firmware plugged directly to my mac usb port it searches for a device but does not show any device?
4. I am also having issue with simple navigation of the interface from Stomp mode to the other mode and trying to go through presets etc.. no signal from the guitar or not I still feel there is an issue with my device or interface hardware is my gut suspicion it looked like an open box from AMS ? and I am starting to worry with so many anomalies if I didn't get faulty hardware?
It should be plug n play relative easy formatting and maybe it is and I am just not that tech savvy as I was in the past...
Anyway, is there any set up guides and tutorials out there I can try first?
I am awaiting the new set of headphones, I live in remote Alaska so shipping takes about 2weeks lol anyway..
I need some help setting up, any takers?

thank you!
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Re: iRig Stomp i/o SET UP ISSUES!!

Postby AZULJAY » Fri Mar 22, 2019 7:24 pm

I am replying to my own post.
I discovered that the power cable which has accessories for European 220 and US 120v adapters must be faulty?
I did (2) adjustments

(1) I used the USB lightning cable for the power source (it was hooked up once before in sync with the other power cable)

(2) I switched the cable upside down or right side up? for the ipad connection ( this shoult not matter which is up or down it appears to be universal)

After doing this for what ever reason the device works when using Amplitube, I am able to switch from live mode and also in and out of Stomp mode.

I need to play around with navigation within the device and application based on the IK promotional video and test to be sure it all functions..

In closing:
I still have an issue using this with Tonebridge and from what I gather I was given bad information as this will not switch pedals within the Tonebridge amp? If IK multimedia or anyone on the forum would like to clarify that would be great, this was the entire reason I chose this device over the irig blue board or stomp pedal but I am thinking now I need to get one of those to navigate through Tonebridge.

As far as the headphone issue, I am awaiting a new pair of studio headphones with the 1/4" adapter ( owned several in the past ) so for now I just used the 3.5mm jack on my ipad and I was able to get sound.

For Tonebridge to work, I went back to my Apogee guitar interface but back to my original issue of not being able to switch pedals within the pedal board.. hence the reason for buying the iRig Stomp i/o and I am suspecting it is not compatible with Tonebridge.
I will put it to use one way or another. I can always copy or mimic Tonebridge pedal board settings within Amplitube and make my own, I am certain that is possible and more capable than a combo amp with presets and user banks etc..

So for now I made some progress but wish IK would confirm if IRig Stomp i/o will work with tonebridge.. Maybe I post another topic?
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Re: iRig Stomp i/o SET UP ISSUES!!

Postby Peter_IK » Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:13 pm

Since this is a user-to-user forum and no other users have chimed in, have you opened a ticket with IK Support for these issues? They don't seem to be the normal experience with iRig Stomp I/O so I'm sure they can get you up and running.

If you have not opened a ticket with IK Support, they can be reached at

Thank you.
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Re: iRig Stomp i/o SET UP ISSUES!!

Postby AZULJAY » Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:33 am

Thank you Peter,

I will open a ticket for sure thank you!

I think it maybe the power cable, but whats odd is that it plugs in and shows the first pedal button in red as if its getting a signal, but no ability to navigate or register any signal from my guitar.
HOWEVER! if I unplug the power cable and use the USB lightning cable to a wall outlet for power, then magically I am able to operate the device but now I just need to learn proper navigating and be efficient with it which will be a learning curve..

So I am not sure what the issue is but I believe the power cable was the culprit at this point. I am going to try another test later tonight..

Thank you again.
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Re: iRig Stomp i/o SET UP ISSUES!!

Postby enojardi » Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:12 am

I'm also curious about this as I'm looking to buy it. But I wan to confirm: Is the iRig Stomp I/O working fine (changing effects up and down in pedalboard etc) with the ToneBridge app? I know it works fine with AmpliTube, but I'm used to the "easier" interface of the other app already.

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Re: iRig Stomp i/o SET UP ISSUES!!

Postby Btankersley » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:23 pm

Yes, it works with tonebridge just follow tonebridge instructions for setting up external pedals and you assign each switch to your command, but Tonebridge is a free app, so keep in mind the capabilities are minimal. You're able to use the stomp i/o for countless features in amplitube or bias. So, save your money if you're only going to use for tonebridge unless next and previous footswitches are that important to you. For $20 you can use this switch to go between tonebridge presets ... qDbEMRPCZ1
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