SampleTank 4 [and 4.0.8] Now Available!

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Re: SampleTank 4 [and 4.0.7] Now Available!

Postby syd4444 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:31 pm

Many thanks, have just done so.
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Re: SampleTank 4 [and 4.0.7] Now Available!

Postby tobyh » Sat Sep 21, 2019 7:37 am

syd4444 wrote:My earlier problem is still not solved, I can now use all the sounds in the ST4 sound content but no matter what I do it tells me now that the path I give it for ST3 has no content. Both ST3 and 4 are in the same IKMultimedia folder, both ST3 and 4 appear as registered in the ST4 programme window. Also, I have Miroslav Philharmonik 2 which sits in the ST3 instruments folder and ST4 loads every instrument from it no bother but it refuses to load ST3 instruments. How do I get ST4 to find the ST3 sound content. The sound content and samples are in the path that I give it but I always get the can't find content at this folder path.

What is the path reported in the error? ST should report where it can't find the files. In my case, it was looking for the ST3 files under the ST4 path, even though the ST3 path was correctly specified, as well as the ST4 path (which was listed first).

Deleting both paths, then adding the ST# path first fixed the issue. I had filed a support ticket, but they were unable to help (though this was several weeks ago, and they may have picked up on the issue since).
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Re: SampleTank 4 [and 4.0.7] Now Available!

Postby syd4444 » Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:22 pm

I've got ST4 sorted now, it is loading everything now. I tried your thing about deleting both ST4 and ST3 paths then loading ST3 first but it didn't work because of my ex drive configuration as I explained earlier, however, I've did it again putting ST3 first and the problem is solved. Many thanks for your contribution it is very much appreciated.
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Re: SampleTank 4 [and 4.0.8] Now Available!

Postby Ryan_IK » Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:21 pm

Hey Guys, just a heads up, there is a new SampleTank 4 update out. Version 4.0.8 includes a bunch of optimizations, so be sure to snag your download now from My Products. News and alerts for it should be coming shortly. Stay tuned.

What’s new in SampleTank v4.0.8

•Fixed a potential crash when loading Arpeggio instruments/multis with disabled playback
•Fixed an issue with Live Mode not recalling all settings in DAW projects
•Fixed an issue with some London Grooves instruments not affected by Loop Manager
•Fixed a potential issue with macro names overlapping each other
•Fixed an issue on macOS 10.10 and Live 9 that led to a crash when automating Envelopes
•Optimized instrument retrigger when changing tempo in Loop Manager
•Optimized Phraser pattern playback and performance
•Optimized Strummer Chords and Pattern playback and performance
•Optimized Virtual Pads GUI to refresh properly with note on/off values on Windows
•Live Mode: Made it easier to input Program Change values
•Phraser: Patterns can be freely moved and reassigned to any note
•Added scrolling to view long directory paths in the Sound Content settings
•BPM-Synched LFO Rates now display fraction values in Edit page
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