Please read: IMPORTANT news, new guidelines/rules, and more

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Please read: IMPORTANT news, new guidelines/rules, and more

Postby Peter_IK » Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:53 pm

Please take a moment to read this post which will elaborate on the forum rules, contains new guidelines about posting and moderation, as well as welcoming a new moderator. Not in that order, though.

First, please welcome garfy as our newest IK forum moderator! garfy has been very helpful already in many threads and will continue to do so as well as perform moderation duties. Thank you, garfy, for being a great member of this community and we look forward to equal greatness as a moderator here.

Also, I have implemented an initial set of fun "ranks" that will display under your username. There are some special ranks like Moderator, IK Moderator, etc that are assigned as well. But the new ones for all non-moderator/admin users are based on how many posts you have on the forum. Let's see who can reach the pinnacle 100K club! OK, perhaps that's a bit lofty since even I'm not 1/5 of the way there, but there are much more attainable ranks. This is just for some fun, and I hope you enjoy.

On to the less fun but completely necessary part: Here are some reminders about the rules and posting guidelines that must be followed so we keep this community moving forward and so the intended user-to-user discussion and informational/announcement purposes of this forum can shine.

Please review the forum rules. The first, and most important, is:

This forum is not intended for direct company technical support. For support requests, please visit the IK Multimedia web site.

Since we seem to have lost our way most on this rule, please make sure you understand this and I will also elaborate with the guidelines for posting here below. IK Support uses a ticketing system that is the most trackable and efficient way for the team to handle technical support issues. They typically reply within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days) and will work with you until your issue is resolved. You are also able to reply to a ticket (open, closed, or otherwise) at any time for a status.

But IK Support marked my ticket as closed!?

Also note that the IK Support ticketing system does mark the status of your ticket as closed the ticket upon each reply, but that does not mean your ticket is done unless the issue is handled appropriately. A ticket will be closed like this to ensure the team member assisting you is alerted immediately of your reply. You can be assured this 'closed' status does not mean your issue is 'resolved' just yet. This is simply to keep IK Support on their toes and get your emails answered as soon as they possibly can.

OK, on to the new posting requirements. You still need to adhere to the forum rules, of course, but there are now additional requirements for certain types of posts we've been seeing here over the years since this forum was started. I appreciate your patience in reading, reviewing, and complying with the dozen items below that will make this a better experience for all, and allow clarity for anybody who has been wondering about moderation and rules of this privately-run forum.

  1. Please do not post if you feel IK Support has not yet answered your ticket within the (key word) estimated time frame of "within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days)" M-F 10AM-6:30PM EST - these posts will be locked or removed. In extreme cases, you can send a private message to Ryan_IK with your ticket number for these inquiries if you feel there may be an issue of something getting lost or missed somewhere along the way.
  2. See the rule posted above about tech support and open a ticket with IK Support for any appropriate technical issues. This is a user-to-user forum and if you feel a user may have a solution in the mean time then you must included your ticket number and when you opened this ticket in your post so the team can verify and note that these posts may also be locked and/or removed at the discretion of the moderator/admin team (especially if no ticket number is included in your post). Important: Once your ticket is being worked on by IK Support, these threads will almost certainly be closed or removed in order to avoid confusion as you'll have specific and direct support for your issue at that time.
  3. Related to #2, please note that posts merely complaining about how long a support ticket is taking, IK Support in general, or similar will be locked or removed. You can send a private message to Ryan_IK with your ticket number if you feel a ticket is taking too long or is not being handled to your satisfaction.
  4. Just because a post exists where a user seems to be having a similar issue or experience as you does not mean this is a global or common issue/experience. Each case should be taken as their own unique situations until further looked into by the support team. Please avoid 'jumping in' on topics and adding "Same here" or similar comments unless you have some useful information to add. These kind of comments are normally not helpful to the OP and can confuse users who may be having simple set up issues.
  5. Note that there are hundreds of thousands of users of this forum, and they range in knowledge and skill level. This is important to remember when making any suggestion that may be better handled directly and in more hands-on fashion by IK's tech support team. Please do not post methods or possible solutions that require modifying system or IK-specific files, the use of regedit, or similar possibly more advanced techniques that could leave less tech-savvy users with additional issues rather than resolution. Posts of this nature will also likely be redacted, locked, or removed.
  6. Feature requests/wishlists: We will be opening official feature request/wishlist for products in their subforums. Please post any such requests (NOT technical issues) for new features, gear, and similar in these threads. We will consolidate existing posts to avoid further fragmentation and to better get your requests heard. These requests will be relayed to the Product Manager and/or Developers for their review.
  7. Posts must be respectful of all parties involved, including other users, forum moderators/admins, and IK and its employees. Civil posts will always get better results and any abusive posts (including "rage quit" posts about never visiting or using products etc ever again) are likely to be locked or removed.
  8. Please review ALL forum rules, as we've seen many users confused about locked or removed posts that violate clearly-posted rules. These include, but are not limited to, using the IK forujm to promote other non-IK products, sharing private/personal information (especially users' own email addresses), posting of direct private correspondence between users and IK, private or third-party sales of any product (be it IK or not), commercial advertising of any kind, posts that specifically intend controversy or to coerce IK Multimedia, and other rules.
  9. You may have noticed a general cleanup of the forum recently. The moderators/admins will be keeping the forum cleaned up by archiving old posts or those that are no longer relevant, orphaned posts without reply for a long period of time, etc. If you have an unanswered post that you'd like to remain, please reply to "bump" your post but no more than once every 48 hours.
  10. Related to #9, please make sure you return to your post and acknowledge others who have taken time to answer and/or help you. If the person who posts does not return for a long period of time, we may assume the topic is no longer of interest to them and take appropriate action.
  11. Please do not post warranty claims on the forum, as they cannot be handled here. Please open a ticket with IK Support and be sure to include your IK username with which you registered the hardware as well as a sales receipt/proof of purchase.
  12. Any failure to follow these guidelines and/or violations of the rules of the IK Forum can result in warnings and/or bans (temporary or permanent).

Also, please note that IK forum posts linked to from other web sites with the intent to shame, harm, ridicule, coerce, or to solicit other negative reactions will be ignored on those sites and may likely be removed from the IK forum.

Moderators/Admins: Please link to this forum post and the rules when locking any threads for any related reason or send a link to this post and the forum rules to the poster via private message when removing a thread. Board warnings can be used when necessary but not abused, and I will be happy to field any moderator questions on moderation, rules, bans, and similar directly via private message.

Everybody else: As stated in the rules, moderation is final and as noted in the guidelines above (and the forum rules) not a matter for discussion in new or existing posts/topics/replies.
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