How to get this guitar sound with Amplitube 4

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How to get this guitar sound with Amplitube 4

Postby TonyBlair » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:50 am

The guitar sound is from Mike Oldfield's Voyager ... Om&index=5

I want to replicate exactly the same sound with Amplitube
Btw, I have a virtual fender stratocaster guitar.

Thanks in advance
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Re: How to get this guitar sound with Amplitube 4

Postby Peter_IK » Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:39 pm

Seems a Stratocaster was one of the guitars he used on this album so that's a start. There were also apparently a couple of other guitars used (two PRS models). I take back my first statement though, as he'd be using the PRS with the Roland GK pickup in it to input to the Roland VG-8 mentioned below.

For the amp tone, it appears this was direct to the board through an effects unit (Roland VG-8) so that's going to be harder to pin down precisely. Not that I think he used stock patches, it might be a good idea to look at the VG-8 stock patch list, especially with regard to distorted sounds and commonalities there:

Since Mike Oldfield seemed to favor Mesa/Boogie amps for early distorted tone, you *might* want to try those in AmpliTube but also note that he apparently used an external preamp and possibly boosting to really overload the sound BEFORE hitting the Mesa/Boogie amplifier.

To me, the best bet would be to look at some of the Marshall amps / presets in AmpliTube since so many of the VG-8 models are based on Marshall stacks. Mike's sound is a bit thinner than I'd expect from that Marshall stack setup which is probably due to using essentially a guitar synth and very early modeling technology. You could roll off some of the low end if you use some of the Marshall amps or tweaking the cabinet settings.

It really does sound almost like a direct to the mixing board through a DS-1 or similar, which is a valid tone for many (think John Frusciante going direct into the board with tone that was good enough for some gold or platinum records as an example of why there's no shame in that game). We do have a DS-1 pedal emulated in AmpliTube (the orange distortion pedal) and a JCM800 emulation that sounds great is the Brit 8000 from AmplITube 4.
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