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parameter feedback to host

Postby HowlingPlate » Sun May 12, 2019 5:33 pm

i have made a ticket, or contacted support about the following issue:

the t-racks plugins do not feedback, or update there parameters to there host, any host when changing a preset;
cubase 10 pro, ableton live 10 suite (push 2), maschine 2.8, reason, reaper...
i use also automap, which is a host independent (although it does not appear so...), and no: no parameter updating.

i own many controllers, all i do (except guitar and vocal) is ITB, i want the hardware feel.

it seems as small problem. but it still a bug.

and all the controllers, are depended on "report" of the plugins, all controllers have endless encoders and/or pick up mode knobs (that won't work, because they pick at the wrong value...).

i have send this to support, after i mentioned it in this forum. it is months ago, a week (2 weeks or more), i e-mailed again (the same ticket).

no response whatsoever.

i use therefor still use the 4.10 plugins (also have 5 versions installed), but some of them already exhibit that behavior, which leads to my guess, that with each version update, some code get lost, or is wrong... it is a simple steinberg SDK function i think, nothing problematic... a wrong function call, or no function call at all when loading another preset...

it happens by the way in vst2 and vst3. and the above hosts, i do not own every DAW.....


EDIT or PS: i own by the way t-racks 5, but have all the procs, minus 1, of MAX, bought them over months.. i started with CSR bundle, great reverbs, gems i believe, all other plugins i like too, they are great, but this isn't a behavior you want, even making my presets, isn't usefull. tweaking a preset jumps the knobs... i want control!

it is important for workflow, how minor it looks like.

EDIT: for clarity, did find my previous post.
i use the plugins, not t-racks 5 as wrapper.
cubase 10 pro. ableton live 10 suite+push 2. MCU, novation SL 49 MKII & zero SL MKII, panorama p1, maschine mk3+jam, t-racks 5 & 38 proc's. komplete 11 ultimate. etc. etc.
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Re: parameter feedback to host

Postby Ryan_IK » Tue May 14, 2019 10:04 pm

Hello HowlingPlate,

Thanks for your post, sorry to hear of your issues with T-RackS.

While this forum is great for user-to-user contact, this is not exactly the best place for support.

When you can, send me a PM with your Ticket # from support. This will help me take a look into your ticket and make sure the team gets back to you asap with some more information.
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