Ampeg SVX 2 for AmpliTube now available

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Re: Ampeg SVX 2 for AmpliTube now available

Postby carlaz » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:25 pm

Well, I don't think I bought the original Ampeg SVX complete, so I'm not concerned about upgrade pricing :lol: but I did finally get a chance to trial some of the new stuff via the Custom Shop. Things sound great, unsurprisingly. 8-)

I'm still wrapping my heads around the tonal differences between the original SVT-CL model and the SVT-VR model, but mostly I can't quite figure out what the intended differences/purposes of the two channels are (other than that they have different EQ controls). I downloaded an actual SVT-VR manual to see if it had any info -- but, basically, no. :lol: Online, I can read a lot about people apparently wanting to jumper the channels (kind of Marshall Superlead style? this is perhaps what the option to "combine" the channels in the AT model represents) but I did not find much information on what the different channels actually are. Any ideas, anyone?

Also, the SVT-212AV cab model is really cool. For bass tones, I like mixing around and matching different amp and cab models; there are already a variety of cab models with different configurations of 10" speakers, some single 15"-speaker cab models, even the 18" horn that goes with the "360Bass Preamp" model, but I don't remember any Amplitube bass cab models with 12" speakers. So this is a nice addition to the armory.
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