Axe I/O One - level too high?

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Axe I/O One - level too high?

Postby pkdawg » Mon Sep 11, 2023 8:48 pm

I just got this and have and Tremonti PRS with a hot passive bridge pu. Even with the gain all the down to the left and Z at sharp it clips occasionally. Admittedly I’m hitting the strings hard to do that, but I can’t get the gain any lower. I can switch to Active pu setting and then can keep the gain low enough. Sounds ok, but is there something maybe I’m not hearing yet or lacking by doing it that way?

I used a Behringer XR18 mixer before this and it has plenty of room to turn the gain trim down.

The Axe woks great otherwise and was simple to set up.

I'm not finding the Z control useful yet except for sharp or at least with this guitar, but I noticed it doesn't do much until you move from the far left to about 3 o’clock then it drops drastically down. Does that happen to anyone else?
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