Do iLoud MTM monitors hiss?

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Do iLoud MTM monitors hiss?

Postby BobbyTa12 » Tue Feb 14, 2023 12:38 pm

new here. I just got iLoud MTM's and I noticed that there is high pitched interference noise on both of the monitors especially on the back (not on woofers). Sounds like power supply noise or something

But the other speaker is worse. Is this normal that there is a small difference in quality? I have removed all the cords and changed etc.

Can someone check that if their monitors are having identical hiss?

I might send the louder one back when they get some back to stock.

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Re: Do iLoud MTM monitors hiss?

Postby Cabezon_IK » Tue Feb 14, 2023 11:53 pm

Hey there,

Welcome in!

Although these things can happen I can recommend a few things to check:
See if this issue occurs with all connection types. If possible try and XLR, 1/4" TS, and 1/4" TRS connections individually. Once checked, let us know your results. Please in the meantime also try another power source and let us know if this helps. To complete a power cycle power off your unit, remove the power cable and wait 10 - 30 seconds before powering your unit back on.

Ultimately though, if this doesn't seem to narrow things down; I would recommend opening a support ticket.

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Re: Do iLoud MTM monitors hiss?

Postby ChitoS81 » Mon Mar 06, 2023 10:02 pm

I just bought a pair and haven't had any hiss whatsoever. I also updated the firmware as well, don't know if that has any bearing on it but have you tried that?
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