amplitube effects loop doesn't seem to work

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amplitube effects loop doesn't seem to work

Postby KyceEssadki8 » Sat Aug 13, 2022 11:42 pm

the effects loop is basically a way to put delay and chorus in a distorted amp by placing them after the preamp (? i think it's preamp) so you can have delay that sounds good

but im trying to use the effects loop with delay with the hiamp sim, the sim is a bit over edge of breakup, so have to put the delay in the loop, but when i do the delay in the loop it sounds no different than putting it in the front of the amp, i can't put it after the speaker cabinet because ive already used both slots there, so my only 2 options are either straight into the front of the amp or the effects loop, but the effects loop sounds no different than putting iti n the front of the amp

it does a horrible distorting sound when you play with the delay in the loop, ive tried turning the master volume down and putting the normal volume up, ive tried putting an eq at the start of the effects loop, turning down the volume with the eq, then after the delay i have a second eq to turn the gain back up, but nothings working, i can't get the distorted amp and use delay in the loop. is this a bug? or is there something im not doing

btw, i should add i don't have the full amplitube paid, thats why i don't have slots for after the amp, they are preoccupied with rotary and flanger, but if i can get the effects loop working ill put the flanger in the loop too.
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