AUv3 for AmpliTube

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AUv3 for AmpliTube

Postby matt_butler2001 » Fri Jan 07, 2022 3:06 pm

I saw a forum from 2019 that IK Multimedia was looking into creating AUv3 for AmpliTube. I just wondered how this process is coming as I am a long time user of AmpliTube and I love it but wanted to take my rig down to an iPad.

I was using MainStage to allow me to use the best of AmpliTube as well as many other great guitar plugins but my research after buying my first iPad has led me to discover that the only instant switcher of plugin chains is Camelot Pro and they have stated their software will only load AUv3 and not IAA plugins so I can't use AmpliTube 5 which is the best sounds in my chain.

I'm pretty much dead in the water on this transition until the AUv3 comes out. I would love to see that as well as more of the amps that are not in the iOS that are in the desktop like the Fender Vibro...I use it a lot with the mod switch for SRV tone.

Thanks for any update...hoping it might be soon.
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