Problem with Modo Bass repeat/fretbuzz

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Problem with Modo Bass repeat/fretbuzz

Postby thenewexhibit » Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:43 pm

Hey, guys! I'm having this issue with Modo Bass. I'm on version 1.5.1 and using Pro Tools 12.5.2 on Mac OS 10.12.6.

I'm drawing in bass notes in pro tools, so I'm not actually playing it on a keyboard. To do simple bass lines, I can use the line tool in Pro Tools and just draw 1/8th notes across the grid which is great. However, there are certain notes that sound pretty darn horrible, particularly the low B note or a low F# note. I believe there are other notes too, but these are the ones I found very quick.

If you draw in 1/8th notes on either of those notes, if it's any longer than 4 or 5 consecutive notes, it goes into this kind of weird fret buzz oscillation thing that sounds completely unmusical. I know these aren't samples, but it sounds like as if a record is skipping, in this case the "sample" just repeating itself over and over. It's like the fret buzz builds up and then just sticks around and never goes away. It starts without the buzz but then just turns into consistent buzz. I tried this with the Modern J Bass which is really bad and unfortunate because that bass sounds really great, and I did it with the Studio bass, and other ones.

I've tried action and string gauge; both are set to highest and even the softest touch. And while turning the velocity down helps, it also takes away from the tone and attack of the string and you lose the mid and upper definition, so that isn't the best solution.

Have you guys noticed anything like this or know why this is happening? I'm sure you can repeat this if you go into Pro Tools, simply draw a note on the low B or a low F# and drag it in 1/8th notes for a few bars. Is there anything I'm missing?

EDIT: I also noticed that when I randomize the velocity, it's only a matter of time after say a bard of consistent 1/8th notes until the bass starts sounding like it's stuck on repeat. I also noticed that having the playing position be anywhere past the bridge pickup towards the neck really results in this behavior, which is a bummer because this area sounds really nice but it turns in to crazy buzz. It even happens if you turn the velocity super low, which in effect changes the tone to something that I'm not looking for.

Is there a setting somewhere in Modo Bass or Pro Tools that's causing this? The Velocity curve in Modo Bass changes things, but doesn't effectively solve the problem.
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