iRig HD2 with Jamulus

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iRig HD2 with Jamulus

Postby DebbyDee » Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:10 pm

I'm trying to use my iRig HD2 with Jamulus, so I can jam with friends without leaving my home during this pandemic (I play upright bass). Has anyone tried to do this? When I try to select my iRig as the soundcard device on the Jamulus software, I get a message saying my iRig "doesn't support the required number of channels. The required number of channels for input and output is 2."

I selected the only other option instead (ASIOALL) and was able to connect my bass through Jamulus, but I wasn't able to speak to the other musicians. I plugged my headset (which has a microphone) into the iRig, but it did not capture my voice as input. I think I'm doing something quite simple wrong, as I am not very tech savy. Any help?
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