Using iRig and Chordify app

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Using iRig and Chordify app

Postby Denis4Drouin » Sat Nov 25, 2023 8:18 pm

I just purchased the iRig HD X to use with my iPad, Taylor acoustic electric and playlong with an app called Chordify. Chordify is an app that provides chords to music of your choosing on the screen so you can play along and follow the chord changes in real time.

iRig works fine when playing through Garage Band or any of the various software available. However since Chordify does not alter the guitar signal in any way. The guitar signal come through unaltered except for the acoustic preamp from the guitar. The problem is the signal appears to be too weak so the guitar sound is too low to be useful. I have the guitar preamp set to max as is the headpone setting on the iRig. And I beleive since only one application at a time works on OS there is no way to have Chordify and TONEX apps work a the same time.

My question is would an alogue preamp such as the Fisman Platinum solve this problem.

I play music late night when all have gone to bed so solving this is important to me. :oops:

Thank you.
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