Proper USB extension for Iris Keys I/O

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Proper USB extension for Iris Keys I/O

Postby Wallaby12 » Sat Oct 07, 2023 7:53 am

I have set up a secondary studio at home (in my living room, actually) so that I can bring clients to my house for sessions not requiring mic'ing and not have to spend ALL day at work. I'm using the I/O 49 (very happy with it so far) but I desperately need an extension cable (at least 10') for the USB-A/Mini-DIN cable. I bought what I thought were very nice USB extenders from Sweetwater and my Mac mini would not acknowledge the iRig. I plugged it in directly and it immediately was recognized. This simple issue of cable length is currently making my preferred controller/interface absolutely useless. What is an extender (or natively longer cable) that I can use with this product?

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