iRig Keys 37 Apple Lightning connection

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iRig Keys 37 Apple Lightning connection

Postby kreedd » Fri Sep 01, 2023 5:09 am

Hi all, new user here, my question is on the older versions of the iRig Keys 37 keyboards (not about the newer irig keys 2 37 version) -

Anyone know if I can use these older keyboard controllers with my iPad and Garageband - via using a microusb to lightning cable (like the Keys 2 uses) to connect them?

If so would the sound output stay with the iPad and be accessible at my iPad's headphone jack (unlike the Keys 2 which takes the sound output from my iPad and routes it to the Keys 2 headphone jack)? - Asking this because the older versions of the Keys 37 have no headphone jack.

Many thanks - Kyle
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