iRig Pro I/O VS Axe I/O One For Vocals

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iRig Pro I/O VS Axe I/O One For Vocals

Postby myslin85 » Mon May 01, 2023 2:36 am


I have an iRig Pro I/O and I have been using it for vocals. I have just purchased the Axe I/O One, and I know that it is primarily for using and somewhat shaping guitar tone, but I also know it has the ability to record vocals as well, although that is not it's primary function, or at least that wasn't maybe the primary directive for producing this item. I am wondering if anyone knows if using the Axe I/O One will be at least the same as far as technical ability in recording vocals (via XLR, or any other way) as the iRig Pro I/O, or would it be a step down, or better? I know that it really depends on just how it sounds to me, but I would like to make sure I am recording in the best quality I can with what I have (for an interface/controller at least). If it has the same abilities, I may just stick with the Axe and sell the iRig. Thanks for any help.
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