TONEX pedal problem when used as interface in logic

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TONEX pedal problem when used as interface in logic

Postby phil110567 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 1:47 pm

Hi there !

I own the TONEX pedal and use it as standalone "live" configuration.

I configured the pedal as an interface and connected with USB to the mac.
In logic, I use the TONEX on logic input and output and work with an headphone on the pedal.
It work great this way.

Then I tried to use TONEX as an interface to play through amplitube 5.
I configured amplitube 5 as a plugin in logic.

But in this case, the result is a sound coming from both the pedal and amplitube.
In fact, I would like ton control amplitube 5 (without hearing the tone from the pedal).
The same happened with TONEX software instad of amplitube 5.

Is there anyone who can figure out what am I doing wrong ?

Kind regards

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