AXE I/O: Sound Problem Windows 10 (solved)

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Re: AXE I/O: Sound Problem Windows 10

Postby dlgebert » Fri Dec 04, 2020 11:35 pm

vincent_n2003 wrote:I was curious about what folks are getting for latency on the AXE I/O and IRIG PRO interfaces?

3ms seems really fast and not what other folks have been publishing.


I can't speak on the IRIG PRO since I only have an AXE I/O. Latency depends on the DAW, OS and hardware you have as well as your audio device and your buffer settings, etc.

I'm on an iMac running macOS Big Sur and using Studio One 5 as my DAW. Below are screen prints of the latency I'm getting with my AXE I/O, which reflect the latency you called into question on a post I added in August.

Please click on the links to view the screen prints. Google Drive doesn't allow showing the image directly on external sites anymore... :evil:

AXE I/O Studio One 5 Input - Output Latency

AXE I/O Studio One 5 Roundtrip Latency

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