iRig Pro I/O & Irig recorder LE effects

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iRig Pro I/O & Irig recorder LE effects

Postby clieboff » Sun May 17, 2020 1:38 pm

need some help here. I've finally got the irig working where i can hear the mic input in the irig pro i/o via headphone jack. that said, learned that the minute you load the irig recorder LE app on the ipad, you have to run it in all the time once installed in order for the irig pro i/o to work for facebook live. is that a known thing?

I'm also noticing that it sounds like there's effects on the input. when i listen via the headphone jack on the iRig Pro I/O, using an XLR and voice mic, it sounds like there are effects on the vocals. any insight why and how to clean it up via the IRIG recorder LE app?
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