Connecting Amplitube 4 to AXE IO Controller

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Connecting Amplitube 4 to AXE IO Controller

Postby jmhrmail » Thu May 30, 2019 4:42 pm

The AXE IO is connected to my iMac.

I see signal from my guitar cable (AXE IO Input 1) indicated on the front of the AXE IO, as well as on the Audio Input and Amp Out signal meters in the AXE IO Controller.

Amplitube 4 is open, but it is not seeing any signal, and there is no output. How do I link Amplitube 4 with the AXE IO?

-- I can get signal and audio from the guitar, into the AXE IO, and out through GarageBand.
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Re: Connecting Amplitube 4 to AXE IO Controller

Postby Ryan_IK » Thu May 30, 2019 5:39 pm


Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear of your troubles getting started.

Once you get your AXE I/O, register your device using the Authorization Manager. Once registered, check in My Products for your AXE I/O Control Panel and Drivers. Once installed, you can check for any firmware updates for your unit by simply opening the Control Panel (Open the application from a Finder window in Applications, then use the icon in the upper right hand corner to access this at any time).

Once your AXE I/O Control Panel and Drivers are installed, and your firmware is up to date, launch AmpliTube 4 and go to Settings > Audio/MIDI Set Up. This will allow for you to select the AXE I/O for input and output. This should be the last step to getting started with the AXE I/O. Hope this helps!

In the meantime, I did see your support contact has been replied to. Please work with the team. They should be able to get you working.
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