Irig keys 49 - pads to select midi channel

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Irig keys 49 - pads to select midi channel

Postby mariotte3133 » Thu May 23, 2019 2:09 pm


Before all, sorry for my english. I will try to make things as clear as possible

I am a owner of a irig keys 49 i/o and use almost as a midi controller plugged in a iPad pro 2nd gen.

I use a lot the app isymphonic and in my kawai mp11 i can select up to 4 midi channels to play at the same time (layering sounds), and i can desativate The midi channel that i don´t want in real time, just pushing the respetctive midi button channel in the keyboard

I was looking to do that in irig 49, using the pads as midi channels selector.

I tried to follow the following instrucions in the manual:

“MIDI instruments can respond to 16 different MIDI channels. For iRig Keys I/O pads to play an instrument, you need the iRig Keys I/O pads MIDI Transmit Channel to match the receiving channel of your instrument.
To set the MIDI Transmit Channel associated to the pads:
1 - Enter Edit Mode by pressing the ALT and EDIT
2 - The display will show GLO. Rotate the DATA knob until you reach the PRE position. Press the DATA push- knob to confirm you want to edit a parameter in the preset menu;
3 - The display will show DTA. Rotate the the DATA knob clockwise to reach the PAD position;
4 - Reached the PAD position press the DATA push-knob;
5 - The display will show CH. Press the DATA push-knob to confirm you want to assign a MIDI CH to the 8 pads;
6 - The display will show the current MIDI channel setted fot the pads;
7 - Turning the DATA knob you can cycle between channel 1 and 16, plus the current MIDI channel setted for the rest of the Keyboard, marked as KEY. This way the MIDI channel of the pads will be fixed to the MIDI channel of the keyboard.
8 - Reached the position you want, press the DATA push-knob;
9 - The keyboard will exit automatically the Edit Mode;
10 -You can exit the Edit mode any time by pressing the CANCEL/NO key.”

Everything goes well until the step 8. When i press the data push-knob, it stay in edit mode. And when i go out, the pads turn again to inicial settings (pushing a pad just play a sound like i am playng in a key of the keyboard, unlike the changing the midi channel as i expected)

Thanks in advance
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Re: Irig keys 49 - pads to select midi channel

Postby Ryan_IK » Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:30 pm

Hello Mariotte3133,

Thanks for your post, sorry to hear of your troubles here.

Please reach out to supportfor some extra help getting set up.

Make sure you are up to date with the latest firmware for your iRig Keys I/O. This can be downloaded here.
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