Stomp I/O - Can't assign "preset next" in Amplitube

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Stomp I/O - Can't assign "preset next" in Amplitube

Postby alienpops » Thu May 16, 2019 6:24 am

I just purchased the Stomp I/O to control Amplitube on a Mac. I've tried everything to try and assign the "Preset next" and "Preset Previous" commands in the Amplitube midi settings to the Stomp I/O. If I am in "preset mode" on the Stomp I/O, it won't let me assign them to the foot-switches (either in "IO Control" or "Port 1" modes). (It will let me do it in "Stomp Mode", but then it require a double tap to step through the presets - not great + extra wear and tear on the switches.)

Yes, I understand I can assign presets to the favorites bank, but that is limited at 128, they are cumbersome to reorder, can't be saved or reloaded, and having to do the long press to switch between banks of 4 is a bit wonky.

I already have a great Amplitube workflow creating my own numbered presets and then I like to step through them that way when I'm writing to find the tone that works with a song (I can have more than 128 and have a bunch of different groups, say "acoustic sounds"). I would really like to be able to assign the "Preset next" and "Preset Previous" to the "preset mode" on the Stomp I/O. The Line6 FVB Express that I got the Stomp I/O to replace could do this easily. Now I'm having second thoughts.
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