iRig2 vs iRig HD2 noise gate or sound quality

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iRig2 vs iRig HD2 noise gate or sound quality

Postby Mike.bonnice » Sat May 12, 2018 6:35 pm

I have the iRig2 and use it to interface between my guitar and my MacBook Pro running Garageband. Before I got this new Mac, I had the version of Mac that had a separate sound input port. That worked fine. The new Mac doesn't have that port, it has the combo headphone-microphone input. Hence, I need an interface. I could have purchased a USB interface to the USB-C connectors, but iRig2 was less expensive so I'm using it.

The guitar signal is supposed to sound like attack-decay-sustain-release. The iRig2 seems to have some sort of noise gate effect. iRig2 attenuates my guitar signal when I'm trying to sustain, so I get attack-decay-sustain-attenuate. Sometimes for the lower notes it's attack-attenuate. This sounds like the kind of behavior that would be used to eliminate noise.

The attenuation is too aggressive for my taste. I don't like this effect and I want it gone. I want to get back to a straight-in interface without the interface device trying to shape the signal.

This feature of the iRig2 doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. As I look for an interface that doesn't do this, I suppose I can't expect the documentation to describe whether the feature exists or not before I purchase the item.

I see the iRigHD2 has USB interface in addition to headphone-mic interface. I'd be willing to try this unit if I knew that it didn't also have the attenuation behavior. Do you know if iRigHD2 is noise-gate-free? Or do you know of some other way to get un-processed input?

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Re: iRig2 vs iRig HD2 noise gate or sound quality

Postby Ryan_IK » Tue May 15, 2018 5:42 pm

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your post.

While this does sound like unusual behavior from your iRig 2. This is not the usual set up here. Double check with support here to see if they have any information or suggestions for you with this set up.

I can assure you the iRig HD 2 should not have a built-in noise-gate or anything of this sort. This will send unprocessed audio to your system.
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