Stealth Pedal Wah Foot Control

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Stealth Pedal Wah Foot Control

Postby jsalguero » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:51 am

Hope there is an easy solution...
I haven't been able to control a wah sound with the Stealth Pedal via foot control for MONTHS.
It works if I manually rock it, but there is no response to the pedal activating the Wah.
I'm on a high-powered Mac running latest OS and Amplitube 4.0, have downloaded all the latest drivers etc. but nothing seems to work.
Please - I've been trying to solve this forever. Would like to finally use it!


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Re: Stealth Pedal Wah Foot Control

Postby Ryan_IK » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:32 pm

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Please contact our Technical Support team at the link below. They should be able to figure what could be going on here.
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Re: Stealth Pedal Wah Foot Control

Postby nigel.southward » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:50 pm


Have you managed to resolve the problem?

I have the same issue. Mac OS X / Amplitube 4.3 - No Wah control with the stealth pedal, however I think I might have found my issue:

My mistake was to load the midi controller s/w and amplitube 3 custom shop from the disc that came with the product. I should of gone onto my IK user account to download these.

So, my thinking is - since I have the stealth pedal partially working, i.e. the pedal responding to real-time midi control in the controller s/w using amplitube 3 not 4, therefore my conclusion is its a s/w compatibility issue. I need to download the correct mac os midi controller driver and amplitube s/w to use the pedal. I've been looking online at different forums regarding this issue, I'm going to uninstall what I've got -> Amp 3 custom shop and the midi controller s/w then go on line (IK User Area/My Products) and install amplitube 3 from past releases (v3.6) and a mac os midi controller, then see what happens. If you look on the release notes on past releases it should tell you which s/w bugs they have fixed for that version.

as previously stated, With amplitube v3.0 I did manage to get the midi controller s/w (output) responding to the stealth pedal, however I couldn't get the wah stomp in amplitube to mimic the pedal. No CC's within Amplitube 3 stealth pedal mode where assigned, i.e. reading OFF, once assigned then I should be able to click midi learn and that should be it.

I don't really understand why I can't get Amplitube 4 working with the stealth pedal either, I can't even get the midi light (bottom right hand corner), I suspect its similar issue

I will let this forum know on my progress. Fingers crossed

Regards, Nigel
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