Amp5 Max (purchased) Very load Hiss/static from presets

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Amp5 Max (purchased) Very load Hiss/static from presets

Postby whred5 » Fri Sep 29, 2023 8:22 am

Im new to the software and since purchasing (not demo mode) it 5 days ago I am yet to get it to work correctly.
I solved an initial issue where the control panel locked up by in :( stalling ASIO4ALL driver.

Now I get clean guitar sounds and no presets selections make and change to the clean sound.

this is frustrating but at least its progress and but the biggest problem is the deafening hiss/feedback through my head phones as soon as I click any cabs etc.

If I select another preset the noise changes significantly in tone but still at deafening levels.
Its just like a sort of white noise.

As I said all I get at first is clean guitar sound that has no latency and is as expected from a clean setting but no presets affect the sound.

I cannot stop this unless I restart the app.

Im chomping at the bit to use this but spending literally hours and hours on google etc just to get the dang software working.

Any help would be massively appreciated
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Re: Amp5 Max (purchased) Very load Hiss/static from presets

Postby dougramz » Sat Sep 30, 2023 3:07 am

Same thing I think here, a repetative hissing white noise cycling every few seconds.
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