Ableton Live 11: Program Changes: Clip Automation VST Hang

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Ableton Live 11: Program Changes: Clip Automation VST Hang

Postby Levi.Strickland@23 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 1:40 pm

Hi IK and Anyone else,

I am a very experienced Ableton Live user. I was previously using Guitar Rig 5 with zero issues using program changes from a dummy clip to change my amp and another dummy clip on the actual Guitar Input channel to automate my pedals. Initially Amplitube worked exactly the same, that is until it didn't.

Primary Problem: VST 2 stops responding to dummy clip automation either for pedals other direct changes on the guitar input or from program changes sent via another channel to switch amps. It requires me to delete the VST and reload it for it to start responding again. NOTE: I've used Guitar Rig for years with the exact same automation settings and it's works perfectly, even now if I reload it, so this issue is definitely 100% Amplitube.

Additional Information and problems:
There appears to be a bug in VST 3. It simply does not respond any to program changes from another channels dummy clip. When I first loaded Amplitube I used VST 3 but I could not get the amp switching to work at all, so I switched to VST 2 and it started working. Again, I tested this on multiple sets and computers with the same result. But, if I load Guitar Rig, no issue.

At this point, I seem to have just wasted a lot money. I can't use this software to run my Live Set. It's not reliable in any way. I love the amps and sounds but the automation is clearly not ready for prime time. I submitted a ticket and got zero response.

Any other common experiences or use cases out there, I'd love to hear them.

OS: Win 10
Amplitube: Current Version
Ableton Live: 11.2
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Re: Ableton Live 11: Program Changes: Clip Automation VST Ha

Postby Smaxo303 » Wed Mar 22, 2023 9:14 pm

I made a MIDI clip with CC 76 and CC 77 to switch presets in Amplitube in Ableton Live 11.2..
It works not with high BPM like 120 BPM and commands to switch every 1/4 note, but with 50 BPM it works fine so far.
I guess it's also depending on the preset complexity.

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