Output Just Vanishes on a 2 amp set up. (AT4)

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Output Just Vanishes on a 2 amp set up. (AT4)

Postby TheNorth1977 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:47 am

Trying to utilize this configuration in Amplitube 4.


And for whatever reason as soon as i go to tinker with the second amp configuration things start getting weird. It doesn't matter what amp i have in the AMP A or AMP B spot once i throw that 2nd amp into play all output eventually just goes away.

My work flow is to mute out AMP B while i dial in a core bass sound on AMP A, a trial SVXCL amp. When i am happy with that, I'll mute out AMP A and hop over to AMP B (AD200 rig) to get that dialed in try to fill in around AMP B. Everything seems to work ok to this point. As soon as i go back to unmute AMP A to start blending things together and fine tune the tone, things start going sideways. And as i start to troubleshoot it by just powering on and off the amp and unmuting mics and what not all output just ceases.

I've tried to save a preset in AMP A before i hop to AMP B as i work along but when i reload it it's like it remembers to not work the way it did when i saved the preset.

Only bandaid fix i have found so far is to blow out AT4 from the track, save the project, close reaper, restart my whole computer and just start over. Only to be met with the same issue. Happened three times and then i decided to post.

I want to hope there is some setting or switch that is getting toggled off or something but i can't find it. Not sure what my next move is.

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