Standalone vs DAW

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Standalone vs DAW

Postby amutimer » Sat Aug 15, 2020 2:33 pm

Guys, I have made some wonderful sounds in Amplitube and saved them as presets.

When I use them standalone they are fanstico! But, when I use the exact same presets in the DAW they sound pants - not just a bit pants, lots pants. I do NOT get crackles or pops. It is the tone itself that is degraded. It is very harsh and thin.

Something that may give somebody a clue as to what is wrong is that when I change any control on Amplitube when it is running in the DAW, it hardly affects the sound...

Just so you know, the DAW works great with all my other effects...

Quality settings are set the same in both standalone and with Studio One...

I have seen a few people on the internet have had this problem, but I have seen no resolutions.



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