Stand Alone vs DAW gain

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Stand Alone vs DAW gain

Postby tommartini604 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 2:05 pm

Ok, I've seen other threads about this topic but none of them have specifically answered a few of my questions.

Stand alone vs DAW tones. I've noticed that if I bring up a preset for many factory presets that the tones are vastly different in stand alone than when you insert the plugin in a DAW ( I use Protools 2020.5). I've tried gain staging, tone shaping and plain just insert it and then output directly to 1-2 Monitors for comparison. There is a huge difference but why? If I insert a preset in Protools on a dry channel set to 0db then shouldn't the preset be identical or at least close?

I've noticed it more on the metal amps but hardly ever use others so not sure about those. The Marshalls are horrible and very muddy.(I owned an JCM800 and there not even close) For instance if I turn gain up on Dual Rectifier in stand alone (with identical input levels and output gain staging) it gets crunchy but if I crank it in Protools it hardly does anything and sounds far weaker than stand alone no matter how I set it. The Mark III and IV are worse. In fact the higher I set the input gains the worse it sounds. I've calibrated my system to unity gain and if I turn down the input a little it helps but nowhere close to Stand alone version. Is there a setting I may have missed that needs to be set in a DAW? Funny thing is though that if I use any other amp sim I don't notice this happening.


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