New To Tonex: Hello & Marshall SC20H

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New To Tonex: Hello & Marshall SC20H

Postby ShatteredMcCafferty » Wed Nov 22, 2023 11:49 pm

Hello all

My name is Mike, my background is I have used modellers\profilers since the Zoom 3030 (Christ that is old) right up to the Kemper and my last device the Axe FX III. I own 2 tube amps but I have been drawn back to profilers when I stumbled on the ToneX.

I purchased the ToneX about 3 days ago and I absolutely love it. So much so I upgraded Amplitube to the Max version. I have spent two days profiling my Marshall SC20H and would like to share them on ToneNET.

All are profiled with the same eq settings, with Master at 5 then all gain stages from Pre-amp 5 - 10 finishing on Master 10 and Pre-Amp 10.

As this is my first profile, and before I move onto the clean channel and my 2525H, it would be great to get some feedback. There are 36 DI profiles in total, maybe that is overkill as the Gain and Volume knob in ToneX seem to have no negative affect when increasing but thought I would do this before I pack my amp away. The IR I use (which is not included) is the York Audio BNGR 4x12.

Any feedback would be fantastic. If you search for Marshall SC20H under the name Shattered you will find all profiles.

Happy for negative feedback and any improvements I can take onboard.

Take care

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