New ToneX Models - Easy Way to Get a List

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New ToneX Models - Easy Way to Get a List

Postby ron.eisele » Sat Jul 22, 2023 1:22 am

Let me preface this by saying I could be missing something VERY fundamental in the Amplitube <-> ToneX interface and search/querying capabilities, and if so everything I write after this is null and void. End of disclaimer :D

So yesterday I bought some but not all of the new ToneX equipment from the new partners; I bought bundles from a few different collections.

Diving into Amplitube, I realized I couldn't see an obvious or easy way to basically say "hey, show me JUST the equipment I just bought so I can play around". After cross-referencing my orders, finding the names, going back and forth between apps, I decided to find a different way. AGAIN, it's possible I'm missing something in the app that makes this easy, but I didn't find it.

So what I ended up doing was digging around the user files for ToneX. On Windows, this is your $home/Documents/IK Multimedia/TONEX directory. I noticed a Library.db file which after examination was a standard SQLite database.

So I copied that db out into a safe place in case I screwed up and used SQLiteStudio to create the following view:

select Tag_ModelName, TargetOrder, Tag_Username, Tag_ModelCategory, Tag_AmpName, Tag_StompName, Tag_CabCategory, Tag_CabName, DateAdded from ToneModels where DateAdded = '2023-07-20' ORDER BY DateAdded DESC, Tag_ModelCategory DESC

(I hope the forum software doesn't kill this post, I'm not attempting a SQL injection attack here).

Anyway, that got me what I wanted: a nice, sorted list of all the new stuff I bought. Since I was mainly concerned with high-gain stuff I sorted on that as well.

Anyway, this worked for me. If there's a better way, I'm all ears. But if not, perhaps this helps others.
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