Filter by user within ToneNET, saveable smart searches, etc.

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Filter by user within ToneNET, saveable smart searches, etc.

Postby carlaz » Wed Jun 29, 2022 2:54 pm

ToneNET is really growing, which is great, but this makes searchability and filtering ever bigger issues, I think.

While it is nice that you can click on a user's icon within AT5 and it takes you to their page within the ToneNET website, it would be much, much nicer if clicking on a user's icon within AT5 simply filtered you the list of their presets.

Likewise, it would be nice if clicking on a column heading (icon, preset, artist, song, user, likes) would sort everything by that column (alphabetically/decreasing on first click, reverse alphabetically/increasing on subseuqent click, etc.).

All the standard filters are prominently visible over on the left of the panel, though those seem to be the elements of metadata that are most haphazardly filled out (sometime misleading, perhaps just missing) in user-contributed presets.

It's great that searching by name of gear model seems to work well, though this makes me think that there should be saveable "smart" searches in ToneNET that serve as "favorites", ideally with Boolean operators as are familiar from email app filters, and things like iTunes/Music, etc. Like, I would want to be able to set up a saved search that -- for example -- always shows me a list of whatever presets in ToneNet have both a HiAmp and a BigPig but not an X-Time. (This kind of functionality ought to be related to the requests for functionality to filter out presets with gear that the user doesn't have. However, it would also be useful if, if you select a preset that includes gear you don't have, you could click on the icon for the missing piece of gear and be taken to Custom Shop to trial it -- or if AT5 just displayed a pop-up asking if you want to trial it.)
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